Summer Interns 2022- Maya Somers!

First up on our introduction of our amazing summer students, we have one of our resident Stanford undergraduates, Maya! She is a major in human biology with a concentration in infectious diseases, working with the one and only Dr. Bergener. Just like the Bollyky lab, Maya hails from sunny Seattle. She doubles as a writerContinue reading “Summer Interns 2022- Maya Somers!”

Christiaan De Vries Awarded a Doris Duke Physician-Scholar Award!

Our very own Christiaan De Vries has been awarded a Doris Duke Physician Scholar award! This is a terrific honor and a wonderful recognition of his cutting-edge research on vaccinating against Pf phages to prevent Pseudomonas wound infections. Congratulations to Christiaan and many thanks to all of his collaborators and mentors  who contributed to hisContinue reading “Christiaan De Vries Awarded a Doris Duke Physician-Scholar Award!”