The Bollyky lab is heartbroken after learning about the tragic death of our friend and fellow lab member, Maria.  She died doing what she loved, but she is gone much too soon.

“I think that she was intellectually as well as physically an explorer,” said Dr. Paul Bollyky.  “Just like she was out there climbing mountains, I think she was willing to take on some of the harder, more interesting questions and challenges. I think that’s a strand that runs through most of everything she did.” -excerpt taken from the Mercury News.


Congrats to the New Grant Awardees

Congratulations all around the Bollyky lab this summer!

Liz Burgener received a Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) Clinical Trainee Grant for studying phage titers and clinical outcomes in Cystic Fibrosis patients.

Ben Danielson received a T32 Immunology Training Grant for continuing his postdoctoral work.

Koshika Yadava received a Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) Postdoctoral Award for her work in potentiating tolerance to allergens in asthma.


Bollyky Lab Awarded a Grand Challenges Grant

The Bollyky Lab was recently awarded a Grand Challenges Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  to study  Bacteriophage and the Physical Structure of the Microbiota. This funding was award to the Bollyky Lab together with our collaborators KC Huang in the Stanford Bioengineering Department and Eric Nelson in the Stanford Pediatric Infectious Disease Division.  Further information on this project can be found here:  http://gcgh.grandchallenges.org/grant/bacteriophage-and-physical-structure-microbiota