Congratulations Dr. Medina!


ESh46mMUcAAqieLCongratulations to Carlos Medina on his successful thesis defense!  His thesis was entitled “TISSUE-RESIDENT MEMORY TR1 CELLS, INTERLEUKIN-10, AND THE EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX IN AIRWAY INFLAMMATION”. Dr. Medina will be pursuing a career promoting inclusiveness & diversity on campus. We couldn’t be prouder.

Carlos Medina and Koshika Yadava publish in eLife

Hot off the presses! Work by img_7044.jpggraduate student Carlos Medina, former post-doc Koshika Yadava and the Bollyky lab is out in the journal eLife today.  They report that Tr1 cells, a key regulatory cell type that promotes IL-10-based immune tolerance to potential airway allergens, do not contribute to stable tolerogenic memory. This instability may limit efforts to re-establish tolerance in asthma and other disease by expanding Tr1. Read all about it here.  Congratulations!!


Welcome Dan!

375FE17E-0CE8-4159-B24D-7BADBCB663CBWe’re excited to welcome Dan Liu to the lab.  She is  a visiting PhD student from Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine, China. In our lab she will be focused on the inflammation induced by neutrophils and macrophages during chronic wound healing and the interaction of phages with bacterial infection and immune response.