Thanks- Jerry!

Jerry Guo was our only high school summer student this year.   We had fun introducing him to PCR, computer coding, and iced coffee.  

Current school/year:  Senior at Henry M. Gunn High School

Career Goals/ Ideas:  “research scientist, reptile breeder and musician on the side.”


One OR MORE fun things about working in the Bollyky lab :

“Working on analyzing Payton’s images of dendritic cells and t-cells when exposed to heparinase and hyaluronan taught me techniques to learn and apply concepts on my own to perform a task. I will remember the moment when I finally figured out the analyzing the images of the different wells – it is very satisfying to have made a streamlined process from knowledge I gathered working with Graham.

I will remember when we went jumping because I had a great time. I really enjoyed talking with other lab members because they all had many interesting things to share. I will also remember going to Ike’s because their sandwiches are really good. I loved worked working on experiments with Heather, Gernot, and Hedwich and I got a lot more proficient with equipment and essential procedures. ” – Jerry

Photos:  Taken at our Sky High Sports Trampoline jumping summer excursion.

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