Hedwich Kuipers joins University of Calgary Faculty!


Congratulations and good luck to Hedwich Kuipers as she leaves Stanford and the Bollyky lab to take up a faculty position at the University of Calgary!

Hedwich  will be an Assistant Professor of Neuroimmunology at the Cumming School of Medicine of the University of Calgary and a member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) and Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases. She will be studying the role of astrocytes in neuroinflammation.


Nadine Nagy and the Bollyky Lab published in JBC

Nadine Nagy,  Gernot Kaber, Mike Kratochvil and Koshika Yadava recent ly published their work entitled “Hyaluronan content governs tissue stiffness in pancreatic islet inflammation” in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.  This study is the first to measure the mechanical properties of an inflamed tissue and the first to link changes in tissue stiffness to hyaluronan content.  Because tissue stiffness impacts insulin production by Beta cells, these findings may help explain how islet inflammation impacts glycemic control.

Gernot Kaber wins Mentor of the Year award!

Gernot Kaber, a Research Associate in the Bollyky Lab, recently won the Immunology Department’s Award for Mentor of the Year.   Gernot is a devoted and patient teacher, a talented molecular biologist, and a jack-of-all-trades who keeps the lab (and most of our equipment!) running.   Gernot is the person who everyone goes to when they’re wondering what to try next.   Congratulations Gernot on a well-deserved award!!!

Thanks- Esther!

Esther Wang was a go-getter and contacted us about a summer position in early 2017.  We were impressed by her previous lab experience and were excited to have her join us.  Esther has worked closely with Payton Marshall and Gernot Kaber.  Payton forced her into becoming a morning person and she has spent countless hours in the TC room.

Current School/Year:  Sophomore at the University of Chicago

Career Goals: MD or MD-PhD

One or MORE fun things you’ll remember about the lab:

” 1)  When someone asks you to aliquot the BME, say no. (Also, don’t use a stripette, sterilize it AFTER you dilute it to minimize the smell, and, no matter what, do NOT do it in the tissue culture room.)

2)  If anything goes wrong, ask Gernot. He’ll know what to do 99.9% of the time. (Just give up in the case of the other 0.1%).

3) No one ages (appearance-wise) past 20 in this lab, apparently.”

Photo:  Esther in her native habitat.

Thanks- Jerry!

Jerry Guo was our only high school summer student this year.   We had fun introducing him to PCR, computer coding, and iced coffee.  

Current school/year:  Senior at Henry M. Gunn High School

Career Goals/ Ideas:  “research scientist, reptile breeder and musician on the side.”


One OR MORE fun things about working in the Bollyky lab :

“Working on analyzing Payton’s images of dendritic cells and t-cells when exposed to heparinase and hyaluronan taught me techniques to learn and apply concepts on my own to perform a task. I will remember the moment when I finally figured out the analyzing the images of the different wells – it is very satisfying to have made a streamlined process from knowledge I gathered working with Graham.

I will remember when we went jumping because I had a great time. I really enjoyed talking with other lab members because they all had many interesting things to share. I will also remember going to Ike’s because their sandwiches are really good. I loved worked working on experiments with Heather, Gernot, and Hedwich and I got a lot more proficient with equipment and essential procedures. ” – Jerry

Photos:  Taken at our Sky High Sports Trampoline jumping summer excursion.

Thanks – Chloe!

Chloe Fishman is a Palo Alto local who is no stranger to the Bollyky lab.  She came and worked in the lab this year with Dr. Kuipers and in summer 2016 with Dr. Yadava!   

Current School/Year:   Sophomore at Georgetown University

Career Goal:  “I am interested in a career with a dual focus in both the clinical application of medicine as well as the formulation of systemic solutions to the societal factors that shape current healthcare problems.”

One fun thing about working in the Bollyky lab :  “My favorite things to learn about this summer were flow cytometry, Western blots, and collecting organ/tissue samples.”

Photo:  Chloe watching the Solar Eclipse.


Thanks- Michelle!

Michelle Bach has earned the nickname Minion in the lab this summer.  She is a Stanford undergrad already a regular in the lab, but this summer she was a HUGE help for the Phage Team.

Current School/ Year:  Junior at Stanford University

Career Goals:  To become an Infectious Disease doctor




One fun thing about working in the Bollyky lab this summer:  “Watching the solar eclipse with the entire lab outside of LKSC and using Carlos’s high tech Captain Crunch Cereal Box Eclipse Glasses! ”

Photos:  Michelle with her Minion, and watching the eclipse.