Thanks – Chloe!

Chloe Fishman is a Palo Alto local who is no stranger to the Bollyky lab.  She came and worked in the lab this year with Dr. Kuipers and in summer 2016 with Dr. Yadava!   

Current School/Year:   Sophomore at Georgetown University

Career Goal:  “I am interested in a career with a dual focus in both the clinical application of medicine as well as the formulation of systemic solutions to the societal factors that shape current healthcare problems.”

One fun thing about working in the Bollyky lab :  “My favorite things to learn about this summer were flow cytometry, Western blots, and collecting organ/tissue samples.”

Photo:  Chloe watching the Solar Eclipse.


Thanks- Michelle!

Michelle Bach has earned the nickname Minion in the lab this summer.  She is a Stanford undergrad already a regular in the lab, but this summer she was a HUGE help for the Phage Team.

Current School/ Year:  Junior at Stanford University

Career Goals:  To become an Infectious Disease doctor




One fun thing about working in the Bollyky lab this summer:  “Watching the solar eclipse with the entire lab outside of LKSC and using Carlos’s high tech Captain Crunch Cereal Box Eclipse Glasses! ”

Photos:  Michelle with her Minion, and watching the eclipse.



Carlos Medina Wins Ford Foundation and DARE Fellowships

Congratulations to Carlos Medina for receiving two fellowships highlighting his efforts to diversify academia.

He was awarded the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine as well as the Diversifying Academia Recruiting Excellence (DARE) Fellowship by the Stanford Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education. The support provided by these fellowships will allow him to continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion in academia during his graduate studies and beyond.

Dr. Kratochvil’s work featured in ACS

mike_kratchovilMike Kratochvil, our newest post-doc, had his previous work featured in the American Chemical Society’s weekly magazine.   This work is right up our alley with engineering interventions of bacterial infections.  Read about it here: Keeping bacterial infections at bay using peptide-containing nanofibers. Also be sure to check out the full article:

ACS Infect. Dis 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acsinfecdis.6b00173

Dr. Kuipers Wins Young Investigator Award

hedwichtc3Congratulations to Dr. Hedwich Kupiers for receiving a Young Investigator Grant from the Stanford Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection (ITI)!   Hedwich’s work is on heparan sulfate – IL2 interactions in the control of autoimmunity.

Dr. Kuipers hopes that these findings will have broad implications for our understanding of immune tolerance in tissues and open up new avenues for the treatment of autoimmunity.


Gernot Kaber wins Employee of the Month

Dr. Gernot Kaber the all-knowing and “encyclopedia of scientific methods” won Employee of the Month.  The lab wanted to recognized Gernot for all his hard work, devotion, and contribution to every project going on in the lab.   “Underneath a gruff exterior he really is a kind hearted person, always willing to help out anyone in need, “says Dr. Yadava.  Congrats!