In the Media

Unexpectedly pathogenic bacteriophages. This Week in Microbiology (TWIW) Podcast. 5/30/2019. Find it here.

How drug resistant bugs grow in CF patient’s lungs.  By Erin Digitale. Scope Blog. 4/17/2019. Read it here.

A virus helps bacteria evade the immune system. By Sharon Reynolds. NIH Research Matters. 4/9/2019. Read it here.

A novel therapeutic for a severe bacterial infection. By Aleishia Arnold. Lab Roots. 4/3/2019. Read it here.

Virus tricks the immune system into ignoring bacterial infections. By Sara Reardon. Nature, 3/29/2019. Read it here.

Viruses act as decoys, study finds, helping bacteria evade the immune system. By E. Boodman, STAT. 3/29/2019. Read it here.

In Stanford Medicine News: Bacteria partner with virus to cause chronic wounds. by Bruce Goldman. Stanford Medicine News.  3/29/2019. Read it here.

Can bacteria-slaying viruses defeat antibiotic-resistant infections? A new U.S. clinical center aims to find out.  By K. Servick. Science.  6/21/2018. Read it here

Sticky Bacterial Biofilms Dissolve on Contact with Sugar-Cutting Enzymes. By D. Crow Scientific American. 8/1/2016.  Read it here.

Beleaguered phage therapy trial presses on.  Science.  By K. Servick – ‎6/24/2016.  Read it here.

Hacking a Bacteriophage’s Genome May Lead to a Cystic Fibrosis Treatment.NOVA Next – By D. Crow. 12/17/2015.  Read it here.

This discovery could lead to new lifesaving treatments for cystic, By Jacqueline Ronson. 11/11/2015.  Read it here.

Bacteria and bacteriophages collude in the formation of clinically frustrating biofilms. In by B. Goldman 11/12/2015.  Read it here.

Diabetes’ dawn of discovery: Why recent changes are fueling new interest. San Francisco Business Times. 10/16/2015 by Ron Leuty.  Read it here.

Drug Prescribed For Gallstone-Related Spasms May Prevent Type 1 Diabetes.Tech Times. By Julienne Roman. 09/17/2015. Read it here. 

New pill prevents type 1 diabetes in mice, study finds. Science Alerts. By B. Crew. 09/16/2015. Read it here.

This pill prevents type 1 diabetes from developing in mice. The Verge. By L. Grush.09/14/2015. Read it here. 

Drug prevents Type 1 diabetes in mice. Stanford Medical Center Report. By B. Goldman. 9/14/2015.  Read it here. 

Diabetes points Stanford scientists toward old gallstone drug. In San Francisco Business Times. By Ron Leuty. 09/14/2015. Read it here. 


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