Welcome to the Bollyky Lab Website!   We are a translational immunology lab in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Stanford University.

Active areas of investigation include:

  • Bacteriophage / human immune interactions –  We recently reported that bacteriophage present at sites of bacterial infection are internalized by mammalian cells and that they trigger anti-viral immune responses that antagonize anti-bacterial responses. Current efforts are focused on understanding how bacteriophage interact with mammalian cells, how this infection influences local immunity, and how phage shape the immune response to commensal and pathogenic bacteria.  To interrogate these topics, we study Pseudomonas aeruginosa and diabetic wounds.
  • The phageome in human health and disease – We have identified novel roles for bacteriophage component of the microbiome (the “Phageome”) in the pathogenesis of wound and lung infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. We recently reported that filamentous phage produced by P. aeruginosa act as structural elements in microbial biofilms and that phage thereby impact the bioactivity of antibiotics.  Moreover, phage also indirectly alter the course of infections through effects on bacterial phenotypes and microbial ecology.
  • Pericellular matrix and cell-cell interactions – A coat of extracellular matrix surrounds cells and influences cell-cell interactions. We are working to understand how this glycocalyx is regulated and how it contributes to antigen presentation, lymphocyte quorum sensing, cytokine signaling, and cytolytic killing. 
  • Extracellular matrix and immune regulation –  We use models of diabetes and diabetic wound healing to learn how the extracellular matrix and inflammation influences innate immunity, insulin resistance, and local immune regulation in diabetes and diabetic wounds.

Looking for a lab?  

We are actively recruiting structural biologists, biochemists, immunologists, and microbiologists for post-doctoral positions in the lab. If interested, please contact Dr. Bollyky at

For Stanford Undergraduates interested in joining the lab, we require a minimum commitment of a full year (including full-time work in the lab for at least one summer).

We take high school and undergraduate students through the SSRP program: